Need to Relocate? Bring the House, Too

In the late 2000s, I lived and worked for three years as an Arts and Features editor on Nantucket where I wrote, edited and layout an arts section that I grew from 6 to 16 pages. The recession sent me packing, but I stayed in touch with the year-round community I came to adore. A decade later, when an editor at the Wall Street Journal asked me to hunt down the biggest house moves in America, I had a good idea of who to call … and happened upon the largest-ever house relocation in Nantucket’s history. We got a photographer out on moving day, which yielded these gorgeous, dramatic shots of a 10,000-sq-ft house on wheels. The story spanned the front page of the Journal’s Mansion section. I’ve done a few other section covers for the Journal—and a ton of reporting and additional research—but this story was special, because it felt like a love note to a place I still miss very much.

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